Altar Bound

lost sheep

In an old school Italian town, some things never change. Wise guys run shady businesses, argue amongst themselves and skirt the law as much as possible.

Carmine Pellini is a wise guy who runs the family deli/massage parlor Pelli’s Rub House. He has a knack for getting into trouble and bribing his way out, but there is much more to Carmine than the ‘goodfella’ persona those around him see.

One day at the Rub House, Carmine has an argument with local wise guy Tony Goldschmidt and insults his spaghetti sauce. Tony promises revenge, as this is considered a direct attack on the Goldschmidt family name. Meanwhile, Carmine’s well-rounded daughter Pearl receives acceptance letters from two prestigious colleges, one of which is three thousand miles away. At the same time, Carmine receives a summons to court related to his business.

Hoping to bribe his way out of trouble, Carmine stands before the judge, who scolds him for the way he runs his business and his life. The judge presents him with two choices to straighten out his life: three months in county jail or eight weeks at a monastic boot camp.

Carmine chooses the boot camp and is taken away to the Lost Sheep Redemption Center. Here he falls for beautiful Sister Anna, one of the boot camp’s counselors. The other Nuns and guards do their best to make Carmine’s stay much more difficult than he had anticipated. Complicating Carmine’s situation, Tony has found his way into the Redemption Center to make good on his promise of revenge.

During a group exercise at the camp, Carmine unwittingly reveals a bit of his true self, and Anna takes notice. She realizes that he is not a wise guy goof off, but instead an intelligent, caring person. Carmine realizes that in order to win her, he has to shed his ‘goodfella’ persona and embrace who he really is. Things start looking up as Carmine begins to do well at camp. He and Anna have become romantic, and Tony has failed at his attempts at revenge.

Shortly before the camp’s final exam, Anna and Pearl see Carmine goofing off instead of studying and are deeply disappointed. Carmine fails the final exam, as well as Anna and Pearl. Carmine believes that he aced the exam but isn’t able to investigate, so he asks his inmate friend to find out what happened.

Carmine’s friend discovers that Tony set Carmine up, thus destroying any chance Carmine had of successfully completing the boot camp. When Anna and Pearl find out, they race against time to clear Carmine’s name before he is sent to prison.


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