Hot Dogs!

dog n mustard2Marty Pineschentz is part of a long family history of men who have worked as concessionaires, and he has followed suit, slinging hotdogs at a minor league baseball park. But Marty is no ordinary concession worker. He has larger than life hopes and dreams of one day making it big…as a major league concessionaire. Marty’s dream is to make it to ‘The Bigs’; to be the best hot dog guy the world has ever seen.

But there’s one big problem. None of the Pineschentz men who have come before him have ever made it to the pro level. It’s a curse of sorts that has followed them throughout history. Now it’s Marty’s chance to show the world what he’s got; his chance to break the curse and make it to The Bigs as a super hot dog guy.

Marty works at Manhole Stadium, home of the Mantucket Steaming Manholes. The park is a dump thanks to the owner, who would rather spend the business proceeds on strippers than on a new scoreboard or kitchen equipment. The concession workers at the park, who are mostly disheveled and clueless, fit in nicely with the park’s condition.

But Marty stands out in the group. All he needs is an opportunity to prove himself, and not screw up, and his dream will become reality. Well it turns out that his opportunity has arrived. He and one other concessionaire, who happens to be the owner’s son, are the 2 most senior workers at the park. During the season, a competition is held to determine who the best concession worker is out of the two. The winner will get a ticket up to the Manholes’ big league team to work as a professional concessionaire.

With his family history and his rival Chet fighting against him, Marty does his best to satisfy the ballpark crowds and earn his spot among big league concessionaires. Throw in a strip club, some overzealous parents, a crazy rooster and a pretty girl, and Marty’s task turns into an epic challenge that will go down in concessionaire lore forever.

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